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Advantages and disadvantages of drug rehabilitation Centre. 

The Drug Addiction Treatment Centre, popularly known as drug Rehab Centre has got advantages as well as disadvantages. This is true in most of the cases. Everything in this world has got some positive points and also negative impacts in one way or the other. So the final decision is taken after considering all the positive as well as negative points and then deciding the best possible option point in case of a drug rehabilitation Centre. 

A drug addict is going to get a platform where he is going to meet similar people like him. When he sees people like him trying to come out of the habit of drug addiction, it might motivate him to do the same. But then it can also backfire and can create trouble in its own way.
A good point in drug rehabilitation Centre is that it has got the facility and team which is experienced and well prepared to face consequences, that could arise all of a sudden due to the unexpected and abnormal nature of certain drug addicts. So they are well informed about how to deal with a drug addict and their experience will matter in certain special cases.
Another negative side of a drug rehab Centre is that you might not be able to provide the family affection and emotional bond that is necessary for a drug addict to fight the habit of addiction and conquer it. But at times, it is necessary to give him some space and leave him alone for some time to so that he can think about what has happened and he can come in certain kind of decision making.
You should make your final decision after carefully thinking about every aspect and consequences that may arise due to this decision and then finally make the decision as per your own discretion.