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Importance of motivation while dealing with drug addiction

Motivation or encouragement is important for every person. It is especially required at the time of adverse situation. We all face certain tough times in our life at different phases of life. At this time, it is important to keep our calm and keep us motivated. Only when we are motivated and somebody is backing us up with support, we can think about fighting the situation and finally being victorious in it. So, in case of drug addiction problem as well, we need to encourage everybody who is trying to fight this bad habit of addiction.
We should understand that he is already in trouble and we should not try to de-motivate him or discouraging in a. This might be fatal for him and he might take severe decisions like hurting himself or behaving even more abnormally. So, it is important that we try to maintain a positive atmosphere around him and provide him time to recover from his present situation. A drug addiction treatment center could also be helpful for him in this case, but family support and motivation will be required at all the time for sure.
Once he is confident that the people around him or with him; they love him and care for him, he will be able to deal with the situation better. Motivation is always going to be important for drug addicts or any other person for that matter and hence, we should never try to discourage anybody for any reason whatsoever. 

So, if you want to help out somebody who is dealing with the bad habit of drug addiction, please co-operate with the situation and try to motivate him as much as possible. This will help him to fight with the situation and by the grace of God, he should be able to conquer the bad habit of drug addiction and come back to normal life and live happily thereafter.